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What we do


Customer acquisition, retention, and market share expansion rely on a user-centric approach. Strategica starts with a qualitative and quantitative understanding of your target market and company objectives as the foundation of our engagement. We’ve driven growth for some of the fastest-growing tech companies, think differently about how to craft a strategy that will resonate with customers and investors.

Strategy & Research
Defining the right audience, message, and channels before running expensive campaigns drives more effective marketing spend, ROI, and revenue growth.
  • - Market Research & Segmentation
  • - Marketing Strategy & Implementation
  • - Sales and Marketing Funnel Handoff
  • - Go-To-Market Strategy
Case Studies
Identity & Testing
A strong brand identity can be quantifiably one of your company’s most valuable assets. But it doesn’t happen without leveraging your vision and your audience’s feedback.
  • - Brand Development & Identity
  • - Brand Awareness & PR
  • - User Experience & Loyalty
  • - User Research & Insights
Case Studies
Vision & Strategy
Product, marketing, and brand decisions should be aligned to drive business objectives. By incorporating feedback and data from each, we help inform when and how to price, fundraise, and stay relevant.
  • - Key Performance/Data Analysis
  • - Fundraising and Recruiting Management
  • - Exit & Acquisition Opportunities
  • - Strategic Partnerships
Case Studies
Research & Segmentation
A strong product strategy drives confidence and loyalty from customers and investors. We help maximize the impact of feature prioritization, product onboarding, and launching to users.
  • - Product Roadmap
  • - Competitive Landscape
  • - User Onboarding & Retention
  • - Feature Prioritization
Case Studies
We create high growth go-to-market success through our Norm Breaking™ Model.
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