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Flux Biosciences spun out of the Center for Magnetic Nanotechnology at Stanford University, where the technology used to read and write computer hard drives has been repurposed to perform point-of-care diagnostics. Co-founded by CEO Tyler Shultz, the Theranos scientist turned whistleblower whose story became emblematic of risk-taking for the sake of integrity, the company aims to bring medical-grade diagnostics into the homes of consumers. Flux Biosciences promises to deliver on the best promises of the Theranos vision, leveraging exclusive science and intellectual property to use new opportunities to test, treat and diagnose chronic healthcare issues from people’s homes. Their team of world-renowned scientists tapped Strategica Partners to identify core characteristics of their buyer persona, customer journey, positioning framework, and go-to-market strategy

The Challenge
In the highly regulated industry of biotechnology and diagnostic testing, the market landscape and total addressable market can shift significantly in the years between when a product is developed, taken through FDA regulatory approval, patented, and brought to market. Flux needed to understand the core consumer trends, preferences, and behaviors that would not change between the time of the product’s conception and its launch, to drive the prioritization of features, channels, and distribution strategy.
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A biotech startup in a regulated industry needed to optimize their use cases years before product launch. We optimized their go to market strategy around buyer personas.
Our Approach
Flux’s unique technological capabilities and adaptable applications made it clear that developing a strategic brand narrative, that was both adaptable and memorable, would be essential to its growth. By beginning with a brand audit and technical deep dive, Strategica was poised to identify overlooked opportunities and early-movers’ weaknesses.
Strategica Partners is helping Flux Biosciences to become regarded as the technological leader in its space, years before a product can come to market. Because of the highly technical nature of its product, and regulatory approval timeline, clarity around its most profitable market segment and use cases are essential to its monetization and go-to-market strategy. By building brand awareness, equity, and market research campaigns into its product development process, Strategica is amplifying Flux’s margins, projections, and unique partnership opportunities.
I can’t think of anyone better to recommend for marketing and communications. The team brings incredible energy and a unique perspective of the problems we are trying to solve. Our work together on customer discovery and how to differentiate our product from a field of similar looking helping us with marketing in a very broad sense of the world - marketing ourselves to clinical study participants, investors, partners, and customers
Tyler Shultz, Co-founder & CEO
Scope Of Work
Fundraising Strategy, Pitch Deck Development, Go to Market Strategy, Market Research, Positioning Framework, Buyer’s Journey, Buyer Personas, Partnership Identification
We create high growth go-to-market success through our Norm Breaking™ Model.
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