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CapSwan is a forward-thinking fintech (finance technology) company, leveraging powerful AI to drive meaningful predictive signaling for consumer investors. Giving users complete ownership of their own data, CapSwan helps proactive investors optimize their investment portfolio of both traditional and crypto assets to achieve personal goals - so they know they’ll be growing their wealth without losing flexibility for key milestones like purchasing a home or starting a company.

The Challenge
CapSwan is changing the way users invest and engage with AI-powered trading, establishing a new value proposition for a market that has existing associations with vastly different competitors. The competitive landscape is saturated with established, well-funded competitors, so there was the potential to use terminology that carries existing connotation and could confuse or intimidate potential users. Given the strong brand recognition and market share of competitors, it was important for CapSwan to highlight the value of the breadth of data, insights, privacy, and autonomy it offers - for both potential customers and investors.
A next-gen fintech company creating a new market segment partners with Strategica to fuel interest from investors and customers.
Our Approach
When we started working with CapSwan, they had a bold vision and loosely-defined product roadmap with conflicting potential target audiences. We helped identify the most profitable market segment and feature launch sequence through robust competitive and market research. Their effective positioning framework relied on differentiated value propositions, so we honed in on the right message for the target audience based on their priorities and existing keyword associations.
Our marketing and positioning strategy helped CapSwan raise a Seed round of angel investment and reach beta users. The marketing and branding strategy that emerged to support their key business objectives was based on a cohesive yet targeted narrative for each audience of influential stakeholders.
This is the second software company where I’ve worked with Rebecca. Both times, I have been consistently satisfied with her work ethic, marketing acumen, and relentlessly inquisitive mind. In a period of six weeks, she helped me transform several dozen pages of scattered documentation into a streamlined value prop for our stakeholders.
Alec Hale-Pletka, CEO, CapSwan
Scope Of Work
Brand Development, Market Research, Fundraising
We create high growth go-to-market success through our Norm Breaking™ Model.
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