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Who we are

Our Story

Our team of strategic marketers, researchers, and creatives believe that innovation is often the product of constraint. We find patterns and opportunities that others miss, through a combination of our unique experience and emphasis on mitigating assumptions. We’re methodical and creative strategists, trusted as long-term partners for core business decisions.

Impact by the numbers
We launch products that reach users, make people talk, and drive value.
  • Revenue Generated
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A note from our founder
While I was leading marketing teams for fast-growing software companies, I came across a number of companies that had incredible potential, but weren’t reaching their audience. I realized that marketing alone often made the difference between explosive and slow growth, and wanted to help mission-driven companies bring their visions to life. We’re trusted partners whose domain expertise helps our clients optimize strategic business decisions.
Rebecca Shaddix
Founder Headshot
Why we're different
Strategica started as a vision to bring true collaborative partnerships to forward-thinking founders, who have disruptive visions and passion but may need some support and structure to grow. Our team is as resourceful as we are methodical - we’re diligent about using your vision as the driving force, with a creative approach to identifying and codifying new growth opportunities. No two engagements look alike - we start from the ground up for each partner. Your timeline, vision, and priorities are our guiding criteria, and we can work with almost any parameters you give us. We’ll add our expertise in marketing, branding, product roadmaps, and business strategy to help optimize your reach and impact. We capture the complete picture of your objectives and industry, to ensure that the strategies we implement drive meaningful growth.
Our core values
We’re a mission-driven firm passionate about partnering with mission-driven founders. Our core values are central to everything we do - from how we interact with our partners to how we develop game-changing strategies.
  • Avoid Absolute Statements
  • Seek Truth Without Ego
  • Anchor in First Principles
  • Mitigate Assumptions
  • Invoke Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence
  • Evaluate Strategy & Outcomes Independently
  • Prioritize Intentionally
  • Encourage Vulnerability
We create high growth go-to-market success through our Norm Breaking™ Model.
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