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Co-founders Nicole and Raquel were tired of getting annoying impersonal recommendations from their favorite apparel websites. They started Qatch to simplify and personalize online shopping by helping people find the right outfit in a timely fashion. Qatch is a subscription-based retail startup delivering unique shopping experiences. Qatch partners with fashion brands to send personalized product recommendations via phone, making online shopping easier, more fun, and convenient.

The Challenge
Growing a startup with no marketing or data experience As co-founder and CEO, Nicole has a lot of responsibilities. Her daily work involves managing everything from marketing to fundraising and brand partnerships. But for a small, new startup, Qatch had to identify the best marketing opportunities for growth, and neither Nicole nor Raquel knew anything about marketing. Qatch needed to bring in a marketing expert to advise on a winning go-to-market strategy to get in front of its audience and the right KPIs to measure success. Nicole talked to a lot of consulting agencies, but the conversations were always focused on how much money they should spend to get results. From the first call with Rebecca Sadwick, the founder of Strategica Partners (SP), Nicole knew they wanted to work with her. She didn’t push a sale. Instead, she provided helpful business insights and honest answers that made Nicole quickly earn her trust. "Neither one of the founders has a background in marketing. We were looking for an expert who would take a look at our business and point out what we were doing wrong and where opportunities lied."
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How Strategica Partners Helped Qatch Maximize Growth And Increased Website Conversion Rate By 20%
Our Approach
Strategic Advisory Retainer for better-informed marketing decisions Nicole gets personalized marketing insights and advice from SP on an ongoing basis. That’s how she identifies top marketing opportunities and delivers a consistent, branded experience across all marketing channels. Strategica helped Nicole set up Google Analytics to better understand their audience and website traffic versus running expensive campaigns. Now, she knows where the best leads come from and can focus on delivering lifetime value and maximizing retention instead of obsessing over customer acquisition costs. By getting a clear perspective on Qatch’s audience, SP honed its Unique Value Proposition and optimized its positioning framework to increase brand awareness and highlight its competitive advantage. Qatch learned how to leverage the power of quizzes to understand their users’ interests and what they love about Qatch. Also, SP educated Nicole and Raquel on how to perform A/B testing to maximize the efficiency of their marketing resources as well as how to set up email campaigns for different goals and results. Before working with SP, Nicole didn't know how to optimize their website to increase conversions. SP found out where users were dropping off and redesigned Qatch’s user sign-up form, making it shorter and more impactful. "We don’t have data backgrounds, so we get easily blinded by all the numbers we have. SP has been helping us identify the KPIs we should be measuring and how to get the most out of our marketing efforts."
20% increase in conversion rate Since SP joined Qatch’s advisory board, Nicole has a better understanding of what their audience wants and unlocks overlooked opportunities for sustainable growth. Before SP, the organization had over 80% bounce rate and a low conversion rate. After optimizing its positioning framework, Qatch’s conversion rate went from under 20% to 40%. Thanks to SP, Qatch has been measuring the right KPIs, consistently tracking the effectiveness of its online marketing campaigns. As a result, Qatch makes better-informed business decisions and knows where to spend their time and money. After implementing all SP’s recommendations, Qatch recorded 30% spike in website traffic—which went up to 60% during the holiday season. As a result, Qatch’s user base has increased by 30% month on month for the last quarter of 2020. Now that Qatch learned how to leverage email marketing, it currently has over 5,000 email subscribers, and an average open rate of 50%. But the thing Nicole values most about SP is the non-monetary reward from working with a team she trusts. She didn’t just get a marketing expert—but a long-term strategic partner who has their back at every step on their journey to growth and success. "Working with Strategica Partners saves us time and money and it helps us make better strategic decisions in terms of growth."
Strategica Partners is the brain our business needed to ensure sustainable growth. Their insights help me make a stunning impression whenever I talk to an investor. That’s the value the organization brings to the table.
Nicole Phillips, Co-founder & CEO
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