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66% of public college students and 75% of private university students graduate with student loan debt. 44 million American have a collective $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. Three Wishes College Strategies helps families pay less for college, while empowering students to get accepted into more schools and secure merit-based college scholarships by identifying their strengths and interests. With a student-centric approach to understanding college costs and options, Three Wishes helps families reduce student loan debt and increase the odds that a student will transition into a stable career upon graduation.

The Challenge
The college admissions landscape is confusing, overwhelming, and crowded. Families often hear conflicting information and when and how to begin planning for college, and high school teachers and counselors primarily focus on getting their students admitted to more colleges, not whether the college will be affordable for families. This focus on admissions over cost is a hard paradigm shift among parents who feel obligated to send their children to the most prestigious universities they’re admitted to. By helping students create a personal brand based on their experiences and interests, Three Wishes helps reduce the costs of switching majors, or majoring in something unrelated to a student’s career prospects.
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Identifying a new market segment redefined this consultancy's pricing and marketing funnel, doubling their lead volume and marketing ROI.
Our Approach
Help customers understand the value of the Three Wishes products as an investment was essential, as the company is defining a new market offering. Robust market research and benchmark analyses revealed new hypotheses to test about potential additional market segments and target customers, ultimately driving an additional product offering and pricing model. Simplifying the message and core offering, and identifying a new higher-yield market segment of financial advisors in addition to families, was the foundation of a new onboarding and marketing strategy.
With a new market segment, optimized marketing funnel, and updated pricing structure, Three Wishes was able to increase new leads by 42%, cross-sell by 19%, and new customer conversions by 36% over 3 years.
Strategica Partners improved my pricing, marketing, and product launch strategy. This gave me confidence about an approach that’s true to our mission, and consistently producing results.
Nancy Paul, CEO, Three Wishes College Strategies
Scope Of Work
Pricing Model, Market Segmentation, User Research, Marketing Strategy, Product Onboarding
We create high growth go-to-market success through our Norm Breaking™ Model.
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