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GoGuardian’s vision to transform the internet into the ultimate learning platform is powered by the most advanced AI-algorithms in the industry. Their award-winning user interfaces and research-backed products deliver the best experience for schools, teachers, and users available, helping schools get the most out of their technology programs.

The Challenge
GoGuardian is one of the newest market entrants in an industry saturated by well-funded, established competitors. Competitors’ existing relationships with customers and channel resellers meant displacing solutions with a more effective and reliable solution, and clearly describing how GoGuardian’s more robust features, analytics, data-backed products differed. As the most expensive solution, commanding a higher price required the development of a trusted brand identity and credible proof points.
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We helped GoGuardian bring their classroom management and suicide prevention products to 7 million students.
Our Approach
GoGuardian’s finite education audience made it important to focus on sustainable value-added touchpoints throughout the customer journey. Word of mouth, events, and thought leadership that speaks to priority pain points helped us secure coverage in top-tier publications, industry-recognized awards, strategic partnerships, and speaking opportunities at notable industry events. With a suite of essential tools for education technology, GoGuardian’s emphasis on user experience and data-driven product development sets them apart. As one of the most customer-centric edtech companies we’ve come across, we wanted to elevate GoGuardian’s authentic understanding of user’s needs to position them as the industry’s gold standard.
We helped drive GoGuardian to a $147M valuation, now recognized as the fastest-growing education company in U.S. history according to Inc. 5000. It is widely considered to have some of the best brand equity and customer loyalty in the industry. Focusing on organic inbound strategy and earned media to maximize paid marketing spend, we helped GoGuardian realize 40% year over year revenue growth, and 5.5 million new paid users across 5 continents. 1 in 5 American students using school-issued Chromebook laptops.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with Rebecca for three years on several cross-functional initiatives. Her willingness to set ego aside to find the right course of action, and ability to provide unbiased guidance effortlessly, helped us make key strategic decisions based on ideas we’d never considered before.
Luke Harris, Director of Revenue, GoGuardian
Scope Of Work
Marketing Strategy, Campaign Execution, Content Strategy, Brand Identity Development, User Research
We create high growth go-to-market success through our Norm Breaking™ Model.
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