Customer acquisition, retention, and market share expansion rely on a user-centric approach.

Strategica starts with a qualitative and quantitive understanding of your target market and company objectives as the foundation of our engagement.

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Strategic Services

High-performing marketing, branding, product, business, and fundraising strategies.


  • Customer Acquisition

    • Audience Profiling and Persona Development

      • Market Research

      • Omni-Channel Growth Marketing Strategy

  • Customer Retention

    • Product Marketing

    • Customer Feedback & User Research

Brand Development & Strategy

  • Brand identity development and equity

  • Core messaging and company positioning

    • Investor-Facing

    • Customer-Facing

Business and Go To Market Strategy

  • Fundraising Timing, Criteria, and Positioning

    • Company Background and Growth Positioning

  • Product roadmap development, timeline, and prioritization

    • Internal alignment

    • Operational infrastructure blueprint

  • Monetization Strategy and Revenue Stream Segmentation

  • Market and Competitive Research

Executive Coaching

  • Hiring Coaching and Framework

    • Culture-building and Core Values Development

    • Agency, Freelancer, and In-house hiring and onboarding

  • Leadership and Media Training

  • Core Values Development and Implementation

Communications Strategy

  • Internal and External Alignment

  • Thought leadership content strategies

    • Core thought leadership and PR opportunities

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 Our Process

We refine each step iteratively, methodically incorporating qualitative and quantitative user feedback and market research.

Asset 18Evaluationand OptimizationPersona and Target Market AnalysisMarketingPlanAll-TeamReview andRealignmentBrandFrameworkOutlinedTactical Campaign Iteration &Team TrainingProduct Roadmap AlignmentBrand Equity and Thought LeadershipNice-to-HavesPositioningImplementation

Typical Engagements

We work with each client to craft a plan tailored to their objectives, timelines, and budget, but have found the most success with long-term partnerships functioning like a Strategic Advisor or Board Member.

  • Average engagement duration: 18 months on retainer, advisory role henceforth.

  • Custom short-term and project-based engagements also available.

No two engagements look alike, but typically include:

  • Ongoing Advisorship and Leadership Training

    • Executive Meeting Participation

    • Team brainstorm and working sessions

  • Go-to-Market Strategy Development

  • Messaging Framework and Positioning

  • Marketing Plan Development and Implementation Guidance