Personalized Learning

The paradox of edtech - sitting at intersection of rapidly-changing technology and behemoth institutions at the intersection of public policy, local interests, and unique demographic needs means that education is often the last to receive the benefits or research of innovative technologies. Often too, investors will push early-stage companies with success developing effective edtech solutions to go enterprise, because they don’t see a scalable growth model without it.

Our clients recognize that this is a missed opportunity, to deliver optimal results for students and revenue for investors.

Strategica is known for excellence in developing transformative brands and product strategies, that meet current needs in education while laying the evergreen foundation for revolutionary future innovation.


Adapting Products to the Education Market

We believe that students deserve access to innovative technologies that can impact their learning and prepare them for careers of the future.

When enterprise and consumer-facing technology companies recognize an application for their products in the education market, they turn to Strategica Partners to develop a go-to-market strategy and marketing positioning that is consistent with their brand and tailored to the unique needs of educators.

Our Approach - Integrated Expertise