About Strategica Partners

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The Knight Symbolism

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The Knight resembles both an integral chess piece, and a horse - the sole mode of transit and a competitive advantage for most of human history.

The Knight’s Advantage

  1. Considered to be the most nimble and strategic piece

  2. Proactive, differentiated, important to time and place optimally

  3. Moves in unique patterns, complementing other pieces and aware of its impact on the overall landscape and objectives

Horse Symbolism

The Horse represents a reliable and consistent partner, that’s steadfast and can go the distance.

It also represents important reminders and cautionary tales for business strategy.

  1. A product can be an industry leader that’s beloved by users, and abandoned overnight

    The Horse serves as a reminder of the importance of staying ahead of subtle user trends, feedback, and behaviors before they impact your business

  2. A historic competitive advantage can quickly become irrelevant


A Note from the CEO

By combining unique positioning and inspired storytelling with the latest in omni-channel marketing techniques, the companies we work with enjoy successful product launches, user acquisition and retention, higher share prices, strong brand equity, mobilization, and word-of-mouth growth loops.

We’re passionate about leveraging education and technology to have an enduring impact on the world. We enjoy the opportunity to leverage an agency format that allows us to work with multiple teams who are equally passionate about unlocking student potential, while supporting other visionaries with this shared passions.

Let’s discuss how we might work together.

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Meet Our Founder

Rebecca Sadwick Shaddix combines a background in education policy, technology, and marketing leadership to create disruptive branding, product, and go-to-market strategies - driving exponential growth for some of the sector’s fastest-growing companies.

  • Forbes Technology Contributor

  • Los Angeles Business Journal: 2019 Rising Star of the Year

  • U.S. Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions

  • UCLA, College of Letters & Science, Undergraduate Academic Counselor

  • Led Digital Technologies Initiative at UCLA’s Public Policy Think Tank

  • Head of Marketing, Inc. 5000 #1 fastest-growing education company

  • UCLA, B.A. in Political Science; Education Policy: summa cum laude

  • UCLA Anderson School of Management, Executive Program

  • Harvard University, Professional Graduate Certificate in Marketing Management and Digital Strategy


Who We Are 

Product & Marketing experts at the intersection of branding, growth, and marketing strategy

  • Early-stage SaaS Marketing Leadership

    • First marketing hire to and through successful acquisition

  • Our Associates

  • 10+ years of experience in software, market research, education policy research, classroom pedagogy and curriculum optimization, and student outcomes

  • Education experts specializing in digital learning, student outcomes, or educator preparation

    • Pedagogy, market research, and innovative personalized learning practices

  • Education policy research for state, federal, and local government entities

  • All engagement plans and initial meetings led by Founder/CEO

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